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[Archive] Fanfiction [Edit: 2010.07.14]


10 Stages To Obsession"
[PG13] [OhMiya] Told from Nino's POV. One-shot. With a few chapters exta written, but i prolly wont post them. 

[R] [ShOhno] In which, both are a little drunk. 

[G] [OhMiya] Collab with Locky! (I wrote the first part, and Locky the second)

Don't Hold Back
[R] [OhMiya] Pool fun fic.

[G] [OhMiya] Another Collab with Locky. (This time she wrote the first part, and i wrote the second)

"Immortal Arashi" - COMPLETE
The Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17 
[NC17] [OhMiya / SakurAiba] AU. In a world of Elf's, Demons, Nymphs and Vampires. Only the strong can survive, unless an alliance can be mended. Will a company of five reunite a torn world in chaos?

A Little Too Far... Maybe?[protected post]
[PG] [OhMiya (hint) / gen] Nino's a brat, and likes to get at the other members. But did he go a little too far this time?

Game Enough?"
[PG13] [OhMiya / SakurAiba (hint)] Is Nino game enough ... maybe he is... ;)

Hey! Say! JUMP

[R] [YamadaDaikiYuto] Yuto and Yamada both want the same thing. If they combine forces, can they get it?


Sailor NEWS [private post] (hidden)
[PG] [MassuPi] News are the Sailor Scouts. MAJOR CRACK!

[G] [gen] Masuda Takahisa centric drabble. Masuda, like any average person, has insecurities, but the other members help him feel like he fits in. 

Lunch for Three..?"
[G] [gen] Nakamaru find's himself in a pickle, when he double books to meet up with both Ueda and Massu.

ABC & Kis-My-Ft2

Unnecessary Intervention" & "
Unnecessary Intervention Sequel"
[PG13] [TotTsukada] ABC-Z seem to think Tsukada is in a serious case of denial about his sexual orientation.

An Indestructible Infatuation"
[PG13] [KitayamaxTottsu] Ebikisu Fic: Tottsu's never been good at lying, or at staying composed. So when he's struck down with a sudden infatuation with Kitayama, how does he handle the situation?

[PG13] [KitayamaxTottsu] Ebikisu Fic: To Tottsu, Kitayama is the epitome of awesome. With the help of the rest of ABC-Z can Tottsu measure up to Kitayama's awesomeness and make an impression?

3 Times Balcan3000 caused Disruptions in the ABC-Z dressing Room"
[PG] [TottsuxHasshi] Written for the


"Second Chances"
or HERE @tumblingjdrama <::NEW::>
[R] [MizusawaxHino] Mizusawa is alone after Azuma's departure. He thinks this is what he wants, but is it really? Will Hino's arrival be a burden or a blessing?

Progress Reports!!!

"Immortal Arashi - The Great War" (Discontinued)
Prequel to Immortal Arashi

"Immortal Arashi - The Revelation" (Discontinued)
Sequel to Immortal Arashi

Kyou Kara Maou! - Murata power

[Disclaimer] Up-to-date Disclaimers and Notes! PLEASE READ! [Edit: 2010.02.10]

Hi! I'm writting here to make a few notes, that I don't want to have to point out in every post that I make, and end up just repeating myself. So here I go, firstly:


- I am currently uploading for a few fandoms, including AAA, Golf-Mike and ICEMAN, as well as having uploaded Delicious Gakuin the drama and stage play, and Ai no Mukidashi [Love Exposure]. I'm sorry to say that because of my obsessions frequently changing, I will go through lulls of uploading, for instance, I'm not really uploading for Golf-Mike at the moment, though that's not to say it won't happen again in the future.

- EVERYTHING I upload is RAW! Unless stated otherwise. I am not a fansubber, my knowledge of the Japanese language is limited, only to me vaguely understanding speech. The only reason I would upload something with subs, is if the DVD i post, happens, to already have subs.

- EVERYTHING I upload has been personally ripped by me, unless stated otherwise. I try to avoid uploading other peoples hard work.

- I ONLY upload to megaupload. Please do not request mirrors in mediafire, sendspace etc, unless the file is small and easily uploaded. I don't have the time to bugger around with those sites, as MU lets me resume broken downloads, and is the fastest one available to me.

- I don't demand comments, or credit. Though, it is appreciated. I do like to hear from people downloading, either about the files, or general thankyous. If there is a problem with the link, or file itself, please do ask. I will try my best to help.

- I DON'T upload for Johnny's, as a general rule. (This excludes Golf-Mike) For as much as I LOVE Johnny's, I simply HATE the fandom. And quite frankly don't want to do it any favors. If asked VERY nicely, I may upload a concert or two, but I'm pretty sure the JE fandom has more than enough uploaders to need me there also. HaHa

- I know it's great and simple to be able to download all the videos, music and scans etc for free, but keep in mind that buying the products of your favorite artists helps them out. I particularly urge AAA fans to buy the goods, because I know we all want them to get the publicity they deserve. And really, nothing beats having you're VERY OWN copy of a DVD or CD ^^

- Just in case you were wondering, I use Magic DVD Ripper to rip my DVD's, because it's the best.

Veiwing/Joining Video files

I've had a few people asking about 'joining the files'. Because I don't want to go over it again, and again, I'll explain here for those who don't know. If a file is of a large size (generally over 500MB), I will split it up for easy uploading and downloading purposes. The process of re-joining these files to view them is simple.

Firstly, download HJSplit. It's a compact and easy to use program, and will most probably be useful to you in the future as well. Make sure all the files are in the same folder (the files labeled for example title.avi.001, title.avi.002...etc)

Then open HJSplit, click on 'Join' find the .001 file and click ok. The program will find the other files, and join them itself. You will then be able to play the file like normal.

IF however, the file doesn't play. I suggest downloading VLC player which is a free player, and will play basically ANY video file you can think of.

If you're STILL having problems, please ask.


- ALL my scans are scanned and cropped by me. I do not re-upload other peoples scans, unless by request, in which I will not take credit for their work.

- ALL my scans are high quality, and in .jpeg format.

- As with my uploads, although I do not demand credit and comments, it really is appreciated. As scans, more-so than video, takes a lot of effort from me, and as anal as I am, it often creases and bends the pages of my pretty photobooks. :(


I'm really in a bit of a lull of my fanfiction writing, I do apologise. But this journal, has really started to be just for my uploads anyway HaHa.

I'm very sorry to any Arashi fans, as I am mostly over Arashi all together (Except for Ohno, who I still adore). I don't really have any intentions in the near future to finish Immortal Arashi, I'm very sorry to people who were reading.

 ALSO, I never in my life claimed to be good at spelling, or have good gramma, in fact I have claimed quite frequently to be horrid at both. Pulling me up on such things actually quite annoys me, unless put nicely. I hate the snobs, who will only comment to point out your spelling errors. I really really do!

My disclaimer for fanfiction is that I do not claim to own any of its content or characters, I only write entirely fictional stories about the idols.


That's it for now, though I will update this when I think of new things to add.

Please enjoy your stay at my journal. Hang around a bit, download some stuff, read some stuff if you wish. Leave a comment if you wish. I'd love to hear from you.

ciao ciao for now now

Daiki - WINK

Dear AAA fandom, [RE: MU shut-down]

Like most of you, I'm saddened and frustrated to see the MU has been shut-down. Mostly because ALL of the uploads on my journal were hosted there. I'm afraid I will not be reuploading any of these on to other servers, as not only do I not have the time, but I also don't have the bandwidth. My internet sucks ass! 

I do welcome people who have downloaded any of my videos to reupload them if they wish. To any hosting site they would like, (I know most people prefer MF) and then reshare with the community.

I'm sorry I can't fix this problem. 

All of my future uploads (unless MU returns) will be on Jpopsuki. 

Daiki - WINK

NarutoIsGayProuctions - Fighting Man & Moshimo Kono Sekai kara OO ga nakunattra

This is probably going to seem really random, because I've never been all that active in the NEWS community in the past. But myself, and my group have done a fair few of these videos for other groups like Arashi, KAT-TUN and AAA. As well have done NEWS' weeeek a couple of years ago. A few days ago, we recorded NEWS' 'Fighting Man'.

We had so much fun, and I think it turned out quite well. We are short a member, as the girl who usualy plays Yamapi for us went back to Japan, so our Tegoshi, and Shige split the Yamapi. parts.

So please watch and enjoy if you feel like it, it's just a bit of fun ^.~

Also here is out Tegomass video from a few months ago. 'Moshimo Kono Sekai kara OO ga nakunattra'

Original video and story info HERE 
Also, facebook video cut out the end of the song where we did Cheetah Gorilla Orangutan, but it can be seen at the above link on Tumblr.
Nishi - &#39;Q&#39;

[Personal: Video] Naruto Is Gay Productions - AAA - MUSIC!!!

Some of you may remember, a fair while ago me and my friends made a video to Jamboree... Well this time we did MUSIC!! And I wanted to share it because it was soooo much fun to make, and I think it turned out quite well. I'm sorry I'm a terrible dancer. HAHA

The whole video was shot in Melbourne city, in public. YES, in public... It was just a lot crazy, but it wasn't as embaressing as I thought it would be. So I tried uploading it to youtube and facebook, but had trouble with both. So I got it up on Megavideo instead. I hope it works ok. HaHa

Just like last time I am Nishi <3

Go HERE to watch in on megavideo higher quality!

 We also took a fair few photos on the day which can be found HERE. I hope you like it!!

Daiki - WINK

[Scans] Nishijima Takahiro Second Photobook 24 [FULL]

Sooo~ I got my copy of the New Nishi photobook last night. And for my own personal enjoyment I scanned my fav pages. Turned out to be 21 pages HaHa! I uploaded them to share. They're very large HQ images. Because he was well worth it.



You can find the whole album HERE

Please see my disclaimers page for any questions regarding the videos, and other info. Thankyou.


I've finished scanning the whole photobook. There's 98 pages in totaly, plus the extras which include the front and back covers both inside and out as well as the dustcover.

File Name: pages 1 to 50 +
File Size: 70.5MB
Pages: 54
Download: MU MF
Password: nishisquishi

File Name: pages 51 to
File Size: 70.5MB
Pages: 48
Download: MU MF
Password: tottsubunny

Please don't claim these as your own. I bought a second copy of the photobook so I could scan it properly with no cut-off or bending. It took a lot of work an time. I will be a little heartbroken if I see these floating around with other peoples tags on them, or other peoples claim. I would appreciate credit if they are being used. Thankyou in advance!

Enjoy <3
Daiki - WINK

[Scans] COOL-UP Vol. 27 Nishjima Takahiro

Apparently I've been doing a whole lot of scanning lately HAHA! So I recieved Cool-up Vol 27 with Nishi on the cover. It was such a pretty mag I couldn't resist it! The images are SERIOUSLY amazing! I've also scanned the POSTER, a very nice shiny BIG poster!! The above images is a quick wallpaper I made if anyone would like it ^.~

You can find the gallery HERE which contains 16 images. Otherwise I have created a zip file.

File Name: COOL UP Vol.
File Size: 22.8MB
Files: 16 pages
Download: MU

Please see my disclaimers page for any questions regarding the scans, and other info. Thankyou.

Enjoy <3

Daiki - WINK

[Scans] N/S Photobook HQ poster scans

I thought that I would share these, since I hadn't really yet. I scanned the posters from the N/S photobook and put them together. It took me a little while. I photoshopped the lines out of one of them but haven't gotten around to doing the others. I still have one more poster to do which I have to get from my friend. I will update this post when I do.

So Enjoy <3

Collapse )

Plus a special extra scan that I couldn't resist! And a wallpaper for Widescreen!

Sorry it's such a junky looking post, I'll fix it when I get home from work.


NOTE: If anyone has some photoshop skills and would like to remove the icky lines and reup them, that would be awesome. I'm really not that good at it :(
Daiki - WINK

[fanfiction] Second Chances - MizusawaxHino [One-Shot]

Title: Second Chances
Rating: PG13 - R It's a bit of a fence sitter...Mizusawa x Hino (TomoNishi)
Pairing: Mizusawa x Hino (TomoNishi)
Word Count: 3,266 words
Fandom: Tumbling
Summary: Mizusawa is alone after Azuma's departure. He thinks this is what he wants, but is it really? Will Hino's arrival be a burden or a blessing?
Warnings: Spoilers for epsiodes 5 through 7 I guess. I can't think of anything else really.

ALSO Thankyou to tsumetaikaze  for beta-ing for me <3

Originally posted HERE


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